Our main service is to install, configure and maintain Linux servers of many kinds. But to do this successfully we need good hardware and fibre-optic networks. To address that problem we have done lots of research and found that OVH servers give us best value for your money.

OVH is the leading hosting provider in Europe and number three in the global market.

The expertise and security of OVH

With long experience of building datacenters from 2003 they now have over 150 000 servers hosted in 20 datacenters across 5 countries (1 in North America and 4 in Europe).

OVH datacenters benefit from its own global fibre-optic network and anti-DDoS technology making the server fast and secure. A DDoS attack aims to render a server, service or an infrastructure unavailable by sending a multitude of simultaneous requests from multiple points across the internet. This is effectively stopped by OVHs anti-DDoS infrastructure.

OVH datacenters are strictly for its own usage. The servers can only be only physically accessed by authorized employees. Our datacenters are protected 24/7 by a security badge control system, video surveillance and on-site security personnel. The rooms are also equipped with smoke detection systems. Our technical teams are constantly on site and ready to intervene the minute a fault is detected on a server.

Other datacenters

We have worked with many different hosting companies and if you are interested in our support or “stand-alone” services we can of course help you out on any location you can give us access to. We have long experiences with a lot of different dataccenters and webhosts. If you prefer someone or if its located in your country (then it can be by law you need to choose this one) we can help you. But the price might go up as we need to do some extra hours of work to get started.


OVH Datacentre Cloud Computing

Currently we can offer servers in 20 different locations in US/Canada and Europe.

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