ISPConfig Panel

ISPConfig is an open source alternative to the well know cPanel and Plesk. These products are web panel that help you administrate your web server with a intuitive web interface instead of terminal commands. With a web panel your login with your web browser and then from a graphical user interface you can easily create new FTP-accounts, databases, change PHP versions, add SSL certificates and most other daily hosting tasks.

ISPConfig is totally free and have a large community that help drive the project ahead and its open source nature opens up possibilities to add/change functionality to the core creating a very flexible solution.

There are hundreds of add-ons for ISPConfig that can extend the functionality.

With ISPConfig you can more or less run your own hosting company and host hundreds of websites.

If you are familiar with either cPanel or Plesk you can easily migrate to ISPConfig panel.

We offer migration services from cPanel & Plesk to ISPConfig:

cpanel plesk migration ispconfig

Please have a look at our services where we can help you migrate from any Plesk or cPanel hosting to a new fast ISPConfig server. You can add this when you order and please ask us questions if you wonder how the process takes place.


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