Electroneum on Raspberry Pi 3

Electroneum on Raspberry Pi 3

SyntaxServer, as you might see already is a believer of cryptocurrencies and we did a little side project to compile the Electroneum (ETN) files for the ARMv7 architecture (for use with Raspberry Pi 3).

PHP 7.2 is soon to be released

PHP has matured rapidly the last 2 years and since the quite revolutionary 7 series started. PHP 7.0 did a lot for speed with its new code for memory usage and performance. We run a number of Joomla CMS website and we noticed quite significant performance boost on all of them.

Welcome to SyntaxServer.io

Linux Hosting / Servers and Services

Today we opened up SyntaxServer.io website for the public after almost 2 years of planning. Initially our frustration with slow and badly configured Web servers started this project.

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