Electroneum on Raspberry Pi 3

Electroneum on Raspberry Pi 3

SyntaxServer, as you might see already is a believer of cryptocurrencies and we did a little side project to compile the Electroneum (ETN) files for the ARMv7 architecture (for use with Raspberry Pi 3).

Electroneum Daemon and wallet CLI on your Raspberry PI

Please note that the Raspberry Pi 3 chip is not very well designed to crunch the numbers to sync up with the blockchain. This mean it will take several days to get your daemon synced with ETN blockchain. But when done it will keep up.

It’s a great thing to run a simple Raspberry Pi 3 that you have access to from your phone or desktop/laptop (TeamViewer or SSH) that always have a synced Electroneum daemon so you can do transfers from your offline/paper wallets for example.

To be secure you can also install and keep your wallet passwords in KeePass (keepass.info).

This is not for mining Electroneum - the Raspberry Pi 3 is way to slow to do any hashes. Its for having a up-to-date blockchain daemon so that you can check transactions, balance and manage your wallets.

Find the ARMv7 files in our GitHub page: https://github.com/SyntaxServer/electroneum/releases

We at SyntaxServer love to play around with the Rasberry Pi SoC systems. They can be all from a great platform to test and learn to actually have a cheap, low-power and stable system for many purposes. We will in the future show you examples of us running interesting Linux projects on these cheap systems.


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