Welcome to SyntaxServer.io

Linux Hosting / Servers and Services

Today we opened up SyntaxServer.io website for the public after almost 2 years of planning. Initially our frustration with slow and badly configured Web servers started this project.

We felt we needed to find sysadmins that really knew how to configure and run good Linux servers. We found them! And after several projects of very different kind we felt we had all the experience and backing to offer these services to the public.

Among the different projects we have worked with are video streaming solutions (Wowza), Zimbra Email Server, OwnCloud Business servers, Optimized Webservers (for demanding intranets, Webshops and other websites) and many other forms of Linux based servers.

We really feel that we have a lot of value to bring to your company. Not only are we cost effective. We are also very bent on creating robust and quality server that you can really on fully.  


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